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    Vivre le patrimoine autrement

  • YuSit

    Vivre le patrimoine autrement

An innovative research department specializing in heritage

With a wealth of 20 years of experience in historic and cultural environment in France or abroad, we created Yusit, which is a leader in innovative tools research thanks to knowledge of cultural policies issues. Yusit offers diversified services to promote cultural heritage.

Research / Diagnosis

Cultural policies assessment or studies on publics, our research department helps you to identify
and develop your assets.

Digital Heritage

Guided tours or reconstruction of historic sites, our team create contents adapted to everyone.


Our team support you and provide you advice on each of your projects in France and

A project manager

Her responsabilities:
Supervise, develop and evaluate cultural projects and policies and elaborate market research. She
coordinates partnerships, marketing, public relations and sponsoring.
She will lead the project in accordance with your request and take charge of consultations between
market players to support unique and innovative proposals.

A studies manager – Forward planning research

His responsabilities:
Benchmark, feasibility studies, assessments and prospective studies, database, market research
and conservation of archaeological materials.
He participates in superving projects. He controls the quality requirements and works closely with
you to build an accurate business strategy.

Graphic designers

They will deploy their efforts on creating custom-made graphic design solutions for you.

Research analysts

Their responsabilities:
Historic resources surveys, diagnosis and archival research, inventory forms, setting up
exhibitions, knowledge of conservation techniques and methods.
They will conduct research to draft a relevant specification.

New technologies specialists

2D, 3D modeling, photos or 360° videos, immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, sound
environment, films....
They are experts on innovative technologies and will use them in developing your project.

Technical coordinators

They are new technologies specialists and are responsibles for coordinating web designers, graphic designers, technical artists....
And they ensure the good application of technical standards.

  • A project manager
  • A studies manager – Forward planning research
  • Graphic designers
  • Research analysts
  • New technologies specialists
  • Technical coordinators
  • Our team

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    Heritage represents the common past of a territory and because its knowledge and understanding support its conservation, they have to be shared with everyone.
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    Work together to transform the heritage constraint into an asset
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    We help you to valorize the heritage of your territory because sharing is essential and there is no age for discovering.
20 Years of experience
182 Archieved projects
71 Publications
55 Events

Our services

The Yusit team develops and coordinates cultural projects for 20 years. Beyond its expertise, Yusit has developped a unique process to create innovative tools of mediation and cultural heritage valorization. With this unique methodology we can achieve a positive project outcome combining a high technical quality and scientific contents which are adapted to all kind of audiences with a cost and time optimisation.

Digital conservation

  • Digitization of objects
  • Digitization of archaeological sites
  • Database development

Digital history

  • Tours
  • Educational apps
  • Historical and archaeological sites modeling
  • Object modeling
  • Virtual exhibitions

Cultural strategy

  • Study on audiences
  • Cultural policies assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Marketing study

Heritage studies

  • Study on cultural practices
  • Cultural heritage valorisation
  • Archival research, inventory forms
  • Diagnosis of historical sites
  • Historical and archaeological reports
  • Study on archaeological materials

Our assets

We develop projects for visitors and local populations to raise public awareness and accesibility of cultural and historic places. We consider the needs of players and public expectations. The project must take part in the development and wealth of the territory.


Find out more ways to valorize the heritage with our wide range of innovative products. Thanks to constant investments in research and development, our products are adaptable to every place and every need.

Make-It: evolving service

Geocaching, tours, circuits, temporary exhibitions, you can change the contents as much as you like. Each realization fits your needs and have an interface where you can change the contents (texts, photos...) for every new projects.

Pick-It: custom-made and turnkey service

Virtual and augmented reality, connected display window in a museum.... Offer a unique experience to your visitors. Facilitate the understanding and attract new audiences with interactive and unique products. Statistical tools will help you to analyze the visitors' expectations.

Take-It: next generation of memories

Virtual or augmented selfies, replicas of object, educational notebook... Prolong the experience and strengthen ties with your visitors. Give them unforgetable memories of their visit.

Open-It: culture for everyone

Virtual reality headset, adapted contents, sign language app... Offer to everyone the opportunity to feel the heritage thanks to adapted devices. Multiply visitors' experiences and increase the attendance of your museum with new tools to bring public attention!


Conferences, trade shows, other events... follow our news in France and internationally. Come and meet our team!

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